Q: How old do you have to be to play?
A: Ages 10 and up.

Q: Do you supply equipment?
A: Yes.  See our equipment under the Prices page.

Q: Can I bring my own paintballs?
A:  No, but we have the best prices for paintballs around!
Q: Can I bring my own equipment ?
A: Yes.  The only requirement is your marker can't fire above 280 ft per second.

Q: Do you supply food?
A: No, but we do have a bbq for anyone to use.

Q: Do you fill co2?
A: No compressed air only.

Q: Do you play in the rain ?
A: Yes as long as there in no lighting.

Q: Will the paint stain my clothing ?
A: No as long as it is washed within the same day.

Q: Do you need a waiver signed to play?
A: Yes.  The waiver can be found on the site or at the park.

Q: How many fields do you have?
A: 6 and always improving and growing.