The General

General Splatters is a paintball park situated in Lancaster, Ontario, between Ottawa and Montreal. We have offered the best priced paintball around, in a fun, safe environment since 1991.

Our Paintball field is divided into several playing zones and is well equipped with great strategic features like bunkers, foxholes, bridges, and trenches, also two heavy forests. Separate games can go on in different zones, or the whole field can be used for one big game. We have a base camp located in a central area with everything you need from a bathroom, a barbecue, picnic tables, a dog to keep the "dead" company, and a viewing area with a safety net so you can watch your buddies get painted up!

We take safety very seriously here, and we want everybody to have fun with nobody getting hurt. Rules are enforced to keep players safe on the field and we check guns and equipment regularly.

We are open from 9am, 7 days a week, Saturdays and Sundays being our busiest days.